L&G Designs offers a full range of design services which include design consultation and development, space planning, and working drawings for contractors.   We also offer carpet and floor design, decorative painting and murals, and the purchasing of artwork, accessories and furnishings. We specialize in residential room design, re-design and murals. Our design process starts with an initial consultation to determine the client's long term design goals as well as their immediate objectives. During this time we gain an understanding of preferences and of the end result the client wants to achieve.   Whether the client knows their style or would like our assistance to help perfect their already established style, we can develop a design which can be accomplished immediately or over a period of time. After the consultation we will draft a comprehensive plan for the project that includes a step-by-step action plan for each component of the project. Then the client can rely on L&G Designs, at that point, to handle the completion of the design project. We handle all of the details making sure the client is informed each step of the process. This ensures the client's complete satisfaction.



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