We stand by our work and strive to have each client pleased with our organizing services. We feel our client process assists us to meet client needs through continual communication and this process helps ensure client satisfaction.
  1. Meet by phone or e-mail - We like to meet with all clients by phone or at least e-mail to find out a little about the project prior to the first appointment. This helps us be better prepared and also it gets you ready for the first appointment.
  2. Needs Assessment Survey - At the start of the first appointment we spend at least 15 minutes completing a survey with you that will help us determine a plan of action for the space to be worked on, a timeline and your goals for the project. This tool is very important, especially in larger jobs, to pin-point exactly where to start (usually the area or type of clutter that is causing the most stress), identify problems with the space, and determine necessary steps to take to start seeing results.
  3. Hands-on-Work - We recommend that the first few appointments are no longer than four hours with two hours being optimum. We will be working along side you, directing the work and keeping the work moving as quickly as your comfort level allows. Plan to be a little drained, especially after the first appointment because you will be making a lot of decisions quickly in a short amount of time.   We allow 10 minutes at the end of the appointment for clean-up and discussion of homework.
  4. Homework - Most clients like to have assignments for what they can work on between appointments. Together we come up with 2-3 things to be completed.
  5. Summary of Appointment - We will summarize by e-mail any decisions, actions to be taken and next steps for the project 24 hours after the appointment. The summary may include recommendations for rearranging furniture, direction for the project and storage containers to purchase to contain items.
  6. Setting up Follow-up Appointment - This is typically done at the end of each appointment and it can also be done by phone or through e-mail. We recommend for larger projects to have a set day(s) each month so that the project can move along.


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