We guarantee our design work and strive to have each client pleased with all our design services. Our new client process assists us with this goal and helps ensure our client's satisfaction at the end of each completed project.
    Meet by phone or e-mail. We prefer to meet with a new client by phone or e-mail prior to the first appointment. This enables us to be better prepared to discuss your project in detail at our first face-to-face meeting.
  • Needs Assessment. At the start of the first appointment we will complete with you a survey that will map out a plan of action for your project. This document will keep both of us on track towards fulfilling your design goals.
  • Hands-on-work. After the project is planned the design work will start at either at your home or our studio.
  • Homework. Most clients like to have assignments to work on between visits. Together we can come up with several things to be completed before our next meeting.
  • Setting up follow- up appointment. This typically happens at the end of each visit or by phone or e-mail.


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