Do you know that your physical space can influence how you think, feel and are as a person? Our environment impacts us psychologically and it is proven if a person's space is organized the person will feel more content and be able to think more clearly.

On average we lose an hour a day looking for things, trying to remember what we need to do next and combating mind clutter. That hour a day adds up to two weeks a year!   Who can afford to lose that time by being unproductive?

Our physical space organizing services will assist you to have that stream-lined, clutter-free environment that allows you to be in control - not your stuff. No matter if you are a stay-at-home parent, a professional working from home, or working in a corporate environment, our organizing services will allow you to be more productive so that you are in control, not your clutter and things.


Download our Professional Organizing Services sheet [PDF file]

The initial organizing appointment allows us to talk with you about your project, your goals, what you think is working and not working with the space and together we then come up with an organizing plan.   Many small spaces can be organized in as few as two appointments of two hours each. Larger jobs can be spaced out with a mutually agreed upon timeline.

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